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  1. I've spent something like 20 minutes to find how to set the size of an object. I thought I was just missing the place where to look, because I couldn't believe a feature as such was missing, and now I see that is indeed missing. Ok, this one is about scaling, whilst I'm talking about precise sizes, but since this usually (in other apps) is part of the same feature, I suppose they will both implemented sooner or later. Will switch back to Inkscape once again until then :(
  2. Hello, I often use DXF files as a source for laser cutting. I then edit them (with Inkscape, so far), and export again as DXF, or PDF. Apparently Affinity, which is supposed to support the "Unsurpassed compatibility" of Affinity is missing such a standard format, also for what concern exporting. So I need to: Open Inkscape (in a Linux virtual machine, because Inkscape for Mac just sucks) Export to an Affinity acceptable format which won't break the vectors Open in Affinity Do my changes Save it Import again in Inkscape Check that the file still look like I want Export to DXF Any chance you will consider this format? Because, really, I wanted a better solution for my work but this long process is really annoying. Thanks.
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