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  1. Hi there guys I hope you can help me i have been using the trial version then i purchased the full version of the affinity photo. now i still cannot use the program and i cannot even re install the file as it states i have expired the trial version any suggestions on getting my $80 aud purchase to work ?? Thanks
  2. Cheers guys will try this out... So that info is great an i follow it , though there is no Bitmap Type in my drop down just linear / radial... Would there be a reason for this . Thanks again.
  3. Hey guys new to affinity , loving the software so far . Question is on fill effects I would like help to fill a layer with another image to create a pattern in that layer . im designing a few differenent clothing items and need to use pattern fill or bitmap fill so i can alter different areas of the clothing item any help or a link to a tutorial would be awesome thanks in advance
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