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  1. Hi MEB, Thanks for your quick reply. I think your team is on to a winner with both Designer and Photo. I appreciate your efforts in customer support. Thanks for the great product. One more little suggestion, if I may, have a look at the ruler devisions in the metric mode. Numeric display every 20mm with 5 major divisions in-between and minor devisions of 2mm is not conventional. Default grid lines every 4 mm are not very useful. I suggest that if you display the numbers every 20mm, then you should have a major division every 10mm, a minor devision every 5 mm and fine devisions of 1mm. Default grid lines should be 5 mm variable with zoom (1, 5, 10, 50, 100, etc). Thanks for your consideration. MSG
  2. I just ditched my PC and got a Mac, good move. I bought both Affinity Photo and Designer. Previously I used Corel Draw to make plan drawings. My question is how do you move the zero reference point of the ruler if you want to use the ruler to draw a line of a particular lenth? Also how do you change the scale of the ruler if you want to have, say, 5cm on paper represent 1 meter on the drawing? Both these operations are quite strait forward in Corel Draw, and I can't imagine how you would make a dimensioned scaled drawing without this feature. Thanks for any advice.
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