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  1. thank you for responding @carl123! I don't want to rasterize it because I need it to be editable in .psd format. After experimenting, I found a workaround. I have to create mask from the alpha channel and then mask it to the layer. Then it will be translated as a fill layer with alpha in the .psd format.
  2. Hi there, I want to export layered .afphoto files that has Fill Layer with alpha (by adding a new fill layer with selection on) to .psd but I found out that when I open it as .psd, the alpha channel from the Fill Layer is not translated. I attached a test file to demonstrate what I meant. Both preserve editability or accuracy is giving the same results. The .psd has the fill layer but the alpha is gone. Is this a bug? Is there any workaround to make the alpha also translated to the fill layer? FillLayerTest.afphoto FillLayerTest.psd
  3. It is still happening, I attached my crash reports. NULL_POINTER_READ_c0000005_libocio.dll!OpenColorIO::v1::Processor::getGpuLut3D f60196f7-31b7-48e9-aba1-73fe66593ecf.dmp
  4. Thank you for taking the time checking the file @firstdefence I don't have PS so I can't try it myself. I tried on Krita and it has thinner line though. The results is the same when I leaving the background out in Blender. Some guys on Twitter point out that it has to do with premultiplied alpha and I have to try different approach for this to work on AP. I guess I have to tinker around a bit if I still want to use AP 😖
  5. Sure, here is the sample .exr straight from Blender and the screenshot of layer arrangements that I'm using. M is Multiply and A is Add. 0002.exr
  6. Hi all, I'm learning to make composition in Affinity Photo for my 3D render of transparent object from Blender. My goal is to make the object recolorable just by adjusting the color in Affinity Photo. I separate my object elements using Cryptomatte pass in Blender compositing. I make use of the Multilayer EXR output from Blender and open it in AP with using the Associate OpenEXR alpha channel option. I manage to make the composition results to be the same as the Blender render results with one tiny bit of miss. The results has a tiny noticeable outline as the attached image. It will disappear if I put a fill on the back of everything, but I need it to be smoothly transparent. I've tried compositing using PNG but it still there. Is this expected results? How do I get rid of it? Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the reply @walt.farrell. So, is there any workaround to do what I want with AP? (Batch generate pattern background from images input)
  8. Hi everyone, I want to create some batch job to create pattern background by doing the action "New Pattern Layer from Selection" based on the image. The input is png images. So I do macro recording by unlocking the layer and doing the action to create pattern layer from selection. My problem is when I applied it to other files, the pattern is not changing based on the image inside. It's using the same image that I used for macro recording instead. So all the output images is the same. Is this a bug? and Is there any workaround to get my desired result (the pattern is based on the image input to the batch job)? Thank you in advance!
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