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  1. Sorry. Not working. I can show you by this screencast... http://screencast.com/t/ogx9AF67IM
  2. Maybe I'm using the wrong language, but I've not been able to find the instructions for filling text with an image. Found one youtube, but it was worthless because they don't talk. However, they describe it as "creating text with images inside." Where might I find detailed instructions?
  3. Problem solved. I changed my aspect ratio in my video editing software to 1920x1080. Previously, I hadn't realized I was compressing it by 40%. Thanks to everyone who tried to help the blind.
  4. Had not heard about the bug-a-roonie. Is that with AD, or all programs? I ran that experiment, but looks worse. Go to Youtube and look a movie trailer, and you won't see any jagged text or images in fullscreen mode. What am I missing?
  5. Hey FlintHillsSky, Thanks for the reminder about music fonts. There's also a secret way to get the Mac OS to generate symbols that include music symbols. My big issue now after testing AD for a day is the text gets jagged when a logo is used in a video, but not noticeable until the video is viewed in full screen. I feel like I've lost my design knowledge about resolution. Maybe I have? Last time I looked, one should be able to create a 300 PPI document in RGB and with the originating size 2560 x 1440, when saved as a .PNG, or saved as a smaller size the resolution should not get w
  6. Thanks for showing the shape tools. Nice, but was hoping for music notes and symbols. I would attach a screenshot of PS shapes, but don't see attachment link. You probably know what that looks like anyway. For the music tutorials I'm creating it would be laborious and painful creating the variety of notes and musical symbols, but PS makes it really easy.
  7. Thanks for that. I do know about the resolution. I've had issues with PS regardless, but never with Illustrator. Do either AD or AP have a library of shapes like PS (shape tool) does? thanks.
  8. Should I purchase Designer or Photo to achieve non jagged text and create shapes like music notes?
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