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    Affinity Photo folder in iCloud

    I have the same problem.
  2. Thank you! I try the beta version and it works!!!!! :) I see that there is the support in my language... great! I think there is a little bug: if I copy the layer in a new art board and I do not see the new white art board on the screen, the content of the layer is pasted in the center of the screen and not in the new art board. Thanks a lot!
  3. I have the affinity designer from mac app store. The imported pdf is with different layer. Now, with this version is not possible to export a pdf file with different pages?
  4. I try to edit a pdf with affinity designer. When i try to export with export persona, I do not find the option to export every single layer in different page. Is there a way to export like the original pdf? thank you