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  1. Oh I know how to do what you're saying. You haven't answered my question because your edit has the shadows blurred too. The only reason why yours isn't blurred like mine is because I used a ton of motion blur. My question was to have zero blur on the shadow, but under the shadow the ground is still moving. Edit: Also my paint brush doesn't work, I make a mask layer and I can't do anything, either nothing happens or I'm painting a black or white color on my photo.
  2. What you're saying is to make two separate crops, the car and the shadow; So that I can use motion blur on the background and the shadow separately without affecting the car?
  3. I think there confusion with me posting already motion edited photos. I don't want to know how to correct those that are motion edited already. So if someone could be so kind explain to me the steps to take with one that I start from scratch? Also I tried using the paint brush tool over a mask, if just paints black or white. It's not doing what the video shows.
  4. I'm using Live Filter Motion Blur at the bottom of the layers tab. Could you please specify what you mean by painting out? I tried inpaint, but that doesn't work. I could erase shadows without erasing the ground with it. I'm pretty clueless, will probably need to be explained with good detail. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I don't understand. I'm pretty sure the photos you're looking at are masked. It's just one I didn't mask in the shadows and theft them as background that's why the shadows are blurred.
  6. I take photos in a game called, iRacing, and I have to edit them. The problem I am having is getting the motion blur to affect the ground under the shadows without affecting the shadows itself. I was told Photoshop does this with ease, so I know it's possible I just don't know if Affinity can do it and how. Does anyone know?
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