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  1. As an IT but not Graphics professional when I heard of an upcoming Affinity Publisher I got excited. Having started with FrameMaker and then PageMaker and then, unhappily, MS Publisher I kind of know what to expect when I hear the "Publisher" moniker. My wife, a card/flyer/brochure/page designer, also got excited when she heard about it. I think the name is fine for the non- or semi-professionals out there, and we will just have to educate the professionals when they ask :-). That's the way it worked with the photo and design app for me. All the great professional comments overcame a ton of resistance on my part to another photo app, of which I have way too many :-).
  2. Thank you! Way more than I expected; much appreciated.
  3. Thanks, MEB! This is a great starting point for me. Between you and Paul I think I can get started. I will study your diagram and see if I can duplicate it.
  4. Hi. I am in the tall grass here and could use some advice. My frame of reference is Omnigraffle and Visio, with a little photoshop and pixelmatr thrown in. I have a project to create large circular diagrams that have 365 equal marks on the outside of the circle, twelve full 30 degree wedges on the inside, and 64 marks on the inside of the outer rim, with all three elements aligned at a single point. There would be other graphical elements, but these are the ones I would want to automate at least the alignment for. Will I have to draw each mark manually? Can I get designer to space them evenly/exactly for me? Is there another tool to use? Thanks. -Ed

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