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  1. Okay, another issue found: When trying to change the document settings to "print" or "press ready" and pressing okay it keeps reverting back to "devices" as the type. Thought that was odd so I started from scratch and created a new document. I started with changing type to print and units to inches - left everything else as is. The second I changed the dimensions to anything custom it changed the Type back to "Photo". Weird right? Also if I started with "Print ready" doc type it would accept all my options and create the document - but once it's open if I go back to documents settings tab it shows it's switched to "devices" in the doc type. Real headscratcher here fellas :P
  2. Thanks so much for the help with this Bryan (and Eelco) I appreciate the test you ran and the confirmation that it might be a little bug-ish (understandable with software this "young"). I'm curious though: by "try printing vs on-screen color" do you mean setting up the document as a "print" or even "press ready" on the outset? If so, I did try that with little/no change. Isaac
  3. Hmm, not sure either. When I change it to those values and export it's even more washed out than above (attachment #3). It looks slightly better when exported at CMYK 100 100 100 100 but still washed out. Feel like I'm missing something here. Just FYI: the color I'm ultimatly going for is the 5% grey (2nd from left in the swatch category, under "grey").
  4. Okay, weird thing: when I export a document (see attachment #1) as a PDF then open that PDF in Preview it washes out the black background color (see attachment #3). As you can imagine this is a nightmare for sending a PDF proof to clients to look over. Even more odd is when I take the same exported PDF (that looks horrible in Preview) and open it with Photoshop it looks just fine (see attachment #4). Wondering if this is a Preview issue or something else I'm messing - you know, like the toggle button for "make this look like crap in preview only" :P
  5. Hmm, thanks for the reply Harris! I'll try and let you know! EDIT: So it looks like while that helps with the text that balanced from edge to edge it's still inaccurate for anything free-floating (i.e. inaccurate middle point and uneven distances left on right/left side).
  6. Not sure how to explain this or where to put it (feature request or bug report) but I'll try: I've created a logo that requires perfectly centered text. Seems simple enough to accomplish with guides right? Well, unfortunately it seems like, even when center justified, the text box takes into account the amount of kearning space there is at the end of a given word/sentence/whatever and acts as if that is then the true right extreme of the text box. Meaning rather than being able to trust the snapping of the text box to a center guide I'm stuck zooming in and using the grid to as closely approximate as possible. So, any solution to this or am I just missing something? Thanks, Isaac
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