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  1. IljaDaderko

    Affinity crushes when opening .psd template file

    Indeed beta allowed me to open it, but everything seems off by quiet a bit, with correct fonts installed on the system elements appear to be shifted within the documents, some slightly, some quiet a lot.
  2. IljaDaderko

    Affinity crushes when opening .psd template file

    Hey Chris, using whatever is up to date in app store, however it runs on El Capitan public beta 3, just thought of it now that it could be a reason. Got so used to everything working. Ehhh, if you guys replicate this please do let me know if any fixes are available :)
  3. Hi, I am slowly moving from photoshop to Affinity, but came across major issue today. I was trying to open one of the .psd files that has website template in it and it simply crushed Affinity photo. (see attachment of that file) I'm not sure to why this happens, as I never had an issue opening .psd files in Affinity before. I can think of only one reason: I am using custom fonts there and tried opening it on machine that doesn't have them, photoshop usually replaces fonts with something, not sure if Affinity accounts for this. Sanya-06-Portfolio.psd