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  1. Ok, I've found a solution. BUT, I would like to say Affinity Designer still needs a fix. Special thanks to: GarryP test3.svg test3.py
  2. Maybe I have to share how I generated test.svg. And I will search docs about the flatten transforms... test2.py
  3. Hello, When I open a .svg file with affinity designer, I see the font, numbers are not displayed correctly. Same thing happened with affinity photo. I use the latest version of affinity designer from the App Store. .svg file is attached. test2.svg
  4. Oh yes---- it's not a problem anymore after some work on a text editor. Thank you everyone, have a nice day. 😅
  5. I prepared a video proof of this issue. https://drive.google.com/file/d/195wvt1mle2UIvKYGtZicboIEXu3NZBLj/view?usp=sharing test.eps file was opened using the following programs: macOS Preview (success) Affinity Photo (fail) Affinity Designer (fail) Microsoft PowerPoint (success) Adobe Illustrator (success) I will try to generate figures with PDF export option. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone. When I opened an .eps file in the Affinity Designer then I found some texts were not displayed. I realized those were removed. It's 'fi' from a word efficiency on y-axis. I tried open... menu and drag but the results were same. I use macOS on a new M1 pro and the App Store version of Affinity Designer is installed. .eps file and screenshot attached.test.eps
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