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  1. I saved them in an AffinityPhoto file in the beta version. I should've saved them on my mac as well. Unfortunately,they're gone due to an error on my part. I will have to redo them when I buy the Mac App store version. Thanks for your help. K
  2. Thanks for your response. I am planning on buying AffinityPhoto then installing the latest beta. I saved the photos in the 1st Affinity beta. Would they have saved elsewhere on my mac. I've looked yet haven't been able to find them. Is there any way to recover them? K
  3. Hello, I want to start off by thanking the Affinity team. I installed the first beta version of AffinityPhoto when it was released. I am a photographer who used Photoshop to edit all my photos. I was impressed enough will the beta version that I started editing my work photos with Affinity. I should've exported my edited photos when completed yet i didn't. Now the beta version is no longer there and i cannot get access to my edited work photos. They got lost with the first beta version. Is there any way to get them back? Thanks in advance: )