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  1. Sorry, but I´ve remembered this just now. The file with the picture had two copies of the same picture. The first one and a copie to which I deleted the shirt´s buttons and resized. I kept the first in case I needed to come back to it. I think I deleted the buttons in APhoto with the corrector brush (J) moving between apps. After some tests in others artboards I pasted the photo in the final artboard. There was something curious that I didn´t understand then: the layers were called differently, the original "image" and the final and modificated "pixel" (see image attached). I wonder now if here is where the file have the issue. Unfortunately I didn´t remember this nor thought that the issue could be caused for it, when giving you the info about the issue. So @Hangman when you resaved the image, you used the wrong one. Surely because the other didn´t let you to open it. I have discovered it when opening your file and seeing that the shirt´s buttons are still there. The photos haven't been opened in Apple Photos. I´m sorry for not remembering before.
  2. @Hangman Thanks a lot for all the trouble you have taken. About the photo of the second file: as @Pauls said, the photo can be problematic or corrupt. How would I do to find that out? I say in case something similar happen again in the future. Should I just replace the picture, or is there any tool in AD which says that an element is failing? In relation to the other file, I'll have in mind what you have discovered when exporting with the bleeds or not using artboards. I'll try myself what you have done and see if I can solve it correctly. Thanks again to all.
  3. @Hangman Thanks a lot. The first file was the design for a vinyl box. So the last step was puting all together on one artboard which contained the cut and bleed lines above the design for the printing. As I said it was a work for my studies which asked to be made as a real final PDF. I suppose that if I tried to export the contents as individual pages as you suggest, after when joining all together the export failure would inevitably happen. So, let´s see what others say.
  4. @Hangman I really appreciate your effort in looking through the files. As you say maybe somebody else will find the issue here, hopefully. At least, I find comforting hearing that my work process might not be the problem here. Let´s see what others can find about the matter.
  5. Hi everybody. First of all, thanks a lot for your quick replies. Sorry, but I´ve been busy during the weekend to reply. Here, I attach both files. One was created for my graphic desing studies (the one you could see on my previous post) and the other for a client. I prefer to share both in order to have more things to consider and solve my work process as I start to think that's where the fail is. I also upload the export settings for PDF, more or less. The first one, have several effects applied, some with gaussian blur also. In the cover, for example, I applied some brushes in two layers in order to create the song´s titles as handwriting. I know this must happen because of my lack of knowledge in the form of how to apply the layer (normal, pass through, fade, multiply, etc), but after the export one layer appeared as white and the other black, when in RGB both were as black brushes. So I have had several problems. With the second one (Cartel_FORUM), there were several desks (around 5) with different versions to compare. I have deleted the others and keep the final one only. Today when doing this, the program has freezed for around two minutes when closing the file... With this file I was confused because I worked exactly the same as with one that didn´t cause any problems in may. This made me think that could be a program failure, besides when Illustrator didn´t show the same export failures. And more now when seeing the dificulty to close the file. Surely, the problem must be in my work process, and want to learn how to proceed correctly to avoid all this mess. Hope not to feel stupid because of doing great wrongdoing. Thanks again for you patience and recommendations. Cover_FueElectrico.afdesign Cartel_FORUM.afdesign
  6. Hello everybody! This is the first time I participate in the forum, so forgive me if I make any mistake with the rules, please. I am not english native so my explanation or understanding of technical terms might be short or difficult. Recently I´ve had issues in two situations which involve exporting to PDF using CMYK to send to a printing house. I use Mac Os X Catalina and last version of Designer (1.10.4). Firs case, I tried to export a file that have been created in RGB to PDF and CMYK. The file doesn´t keep the shadows nor the brushes applied as an effect to a vector element. Behind the elements there were blank spaces that appeared in many areas of the canvas. This doesn´t happen when exporting to JPG in CMYK. I don´t know if the problem can happen because the combination of vector and pixels layers in the same file. (Please see file attached: Cover_FueElectrico.pdf). In addition, with a larger file (280 mb), the computer is not able to export a PDF, also in CMYK. The computer doesn´t crash and in the process start to fill up the storage capacity when there was more than 100 gb of free space (the computer advised me to delete files, and the storage descended to 3 gb aproximately). So it was imposible to export the file, and had to copy paste the elements to Adobe Illustrator and export with no problems, only the extra task of redimensionate the elements and some fail conversions with text elements. I wonder if there is a problem with the last update of the program: in May I worked with similar file from which I have reused all the elements to the new I´ve been working during last days. In May I could export under the same conditions with no problems at all. I am not sure if this is the place to comment this. And don´t know if is an issue caused by me because of my work process or some bug with the last program update. I would like to solve these issues as I am really happy using Affinity and want to continue using it. Hope anybody could give me some recomendations to find a solution. Thanks in advance. Cover_FueElectrico.pdf
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