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  1. Hi Apacheplayer This will most probably be due to the RGB image will be on top of the stack and you are seeing the one colour image, and when you remove it it will leave the remaining mono images. I think that Affinity photo only debayers the RAW images and not FITS files but with being new to me i'm unsure, although it will stack them very well. If this is the case then i will have to debayer in another program. Thank you for your suggestion
  2. Hi Jorn I have only Fits files as the images were captured with Nebulosity 4 with a ZWO 533 osc, I think the problem lies with the Debayering I have run the images through Siril & unless i check the debayer button they only come out B&W. How do i send the files to you?, i don't no if this is right andy2_001.fit andy2_002.fit andy2_003.fit andy2_004.fit andy2_005.fit andy2_006.fit andy2_007.fit andy2_008.fit andy2_009.fit andy2_010.fit
  3. tried this Jorn and unfortunately it did,nt work, there is most probably an easy solution but i will keep trying
  4. Hi John I will restack the image, and alter the settings something other than daylight and post a reply. Thanks for your suggestion
  5. have watched this video, all the values are set the same even if i alter them with the channel mixer (all showing 26) the colour is there I can alter them but it makes no difference it's like it's not debayered like I need to stack the rgb from the channels?
  6. FITS files the colour channel are there & it says its rgb file 32bit
  7. Carl thank you for that, sorted. when i stack my images they are in B&W do you know how to change them into colour? or point me in the right direction of a good video.
  8. Hi Just upgraded 1.10.4 and i have found that there is no Apply / Stack button when i want to use the new astrophotography stack, i have wiped everything off my computer and reinstalled but still the same apart from wiping again and reinstalling a lower version. Images added Many thanks
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