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  1. Not a clue at this point. I haven't used the auto clicker since that fateful incident. I can't get a crash report for some reason, and I'm running windows eleven. First it had started locking up intermittently, the last action I tried to perform was import an .abr brush set, and then it locked up, updated as I saw there was one, and now it just freezes on startup. I get the splash, and then the window opens and immediately grays out. Is there a way to manually enable crash reports and see if it generates one. I am sure I had it set in settings but the folder is just empty.
  2. So, after a month of battling with it, and refreshing windows, I'm still not sure where to turn. Today I updated to 1.10.4 and now it just locks up on startup completely. I tried the microsoft uninstall trouble shooter and reinstalled, and tried revo uninstaller to no avail. I am running the release version of Windows 11 now. It was working fine minus the occasional lock up, but now is just completely unusable.
  3. I can't seem to locate one in the mentioned directory... I'll keep an eye peeled in case it generates one, and I'll also take a look at the Windows Event Log next time it crashes
  4. Are you using the latest release version? Yes 1.10 Can you reproduce it? It just happens after using this software www.opautoclicker.com Does it happen for a new document? If not can you upload a document that shows the problem? It happens with all documents See below: So, I was playing Roblox with my daughter, and was using an autoclicker... Well I forgot to turn it off, and accidentally autoclicked the crud out of an open project in Affinity Designer, including some of the tool bar buttons, no clue what I hit, because it immediately locked up, and grayed everything eliciting a crash. Now whenever I use Affinity Designer it locks up after several simple operations, or sometimes I'll get like ten minutes use out of it before it locks up and crashes again as before. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I even used Revo Uninstaller and purged all registry keys and leftover files and installed from scratch. No dice. Issue persists. I might refresh my operating system (Windows 11 - Insider Preview, and I cannot roll back to Windows 10, as this computer has never had Windows 10 on its drive.) Which may also be partially the culprit, but I couldn't imagine that to be a problem, as I was using Affinity Designer fine before the autoclick accident, sometimes having the window open for hours and coming back later to continue working. **This happens with any type of file/project** However, where would I locate debug, crash logs, settings config to be exported, etc manually? If this is the wrong sub forum for this help/bug post I apologize.
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