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  1. I can't believe the thread went to shit! I believe that if more people who understand Wine or are developers get here, they can help with something more! As I posted on the last page, they made photoshop run on linux! Look that photoshop is full of shit and freshness to run on a normal pc!
  2. Hey guys. This is interesting for us! So, recently I had to try to learn how to use some adobe tools (I hate using them) and I ended up discovering that they made extremely functional porting to linux, like a lot of things work correctly. Does something from there not help to run affinity on linux? Before anyone comes to talk about JackSparow stuff (Pirate of the Caribbean Software), I have access to Adobe's paid versions for studies, so I'm not here compacting with JackSparow stuff and I want to help run affinity on linux in a legal way, that is valid for any other tool! Github link!
  3. Today I tried to do exactly what @Snapseedcomments a few pages ago. I tried to run affinity designer through virtual box. And the performance is good. I thought I would have crashes and I wouldn't even be able to open the heavy files correctly, but everything worked as expected by the few tests I did. The only downside to all of this is having to boot into a Windows system and having to install it. As before becoming a linux user I was always building the PC and testing older builds of windows, I ended up installing an old and customized version. On the plus side, it only took up 9GB after installation. Of course many features, drivers and internal services have been removed! --- Just in case, I decided to use qemu/KVM because it has a degree of hardware approximation. quemu/kvm - Using Virt Manager Virtual box! And the final performance was pretty much the same. I had a little delay at times but that's all. --- My conclusion, if you really need affinity and want to stop having a dual boot this is the best solution at the moment!
  4. Thanks @1stn00b for the tutorial on the previous page! ------------- Today I managed to identify my bottle problem! Unfortunately my internet has some problem or limitation that prevents me from communicating with the bottles server! I found this there on github(link) when trying to " ping repo.usebottles.com -c 5 " and having 100% packet loss. Probably that's why nothing worked right, because I couldn't download the dependencies right! I got around the problem using a VPN and done. -------------------- It's not perfect, but it has a blinking bug, I have to find a way to install the fonts I use and how to save the edited files. ---- Now it's not long before I delete the partition with windows here!
  5. I really do not understand. On the bottles github I found someone else with the same problem! Now I'll wait for them to help, because they said it doesn't work, but I posted this forum, showing that it works! Did you manage to unzip the .exe or did you do something different? I've tried everything, using unzipped, trying to run the version already installed on windows and nothing works. --- Another thing I noticed is that the bottles are slow in this latest update! Detail that I have good SSD, CPU and RAM!
  6. Very cool to see the guys running affinity on bottles. I did what the guys recommended to get around the dotnet 3.5 error, but I can't run it at all. Apart from that the last update didn't go down very well, the bottles used to be very fast and now it's slow!
  7. It must be some small detail we're missing. When I can run, I will test to see if the tools I use are ok! If they are, I won't even waste my time on windows anymore!
  8. I was quite happy with the last posts of the guys here on the forum. Anyway, I tried to get past bottles, but I couldn't! I have exactly the problem of .NET 3.5... I tried several configurations and even things similar to the YML file that was posted on a few pages ago but without success, if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it!
  9. I partially disagree with what you're saying. SERIF is fully capable of providing support to run. Even if it is using Linux X, with kernel X and with minimum hardware X. PlayOnLinux and Lutris are here! Regarding performance, there's nowhere to flee, both in windows and macOS have limitations, especially if we take into account the end user's hardware! ---------------------------- Anyway, for users who defend against, I still don't see any sense in it! Why don't you want it to run on linux?
  10. But you might change your mind because this topic has been around for 5 years. They are the owners of the forum, they can create a script or the moderation itself to close the linux topics as they already do! That's it... Today people are already able to make some older versions of Affinity Designer work through PlayOnLinux and Lutris, something that sometimes depending on the distro has bugs that the user can't solve, at that moment I would enter the SERIF with minimal support , as the problems I have are things I can't disable from within the tool. So how difficult would it be to provide support? Today heavy and problematic games like League OF Legends and GTA V run on linux, using PlayOnLinux and Lutris. Valve has Proton which is a free project and does not create the game from scratch. There are ways to make it work! But is it really that difficult to provide minimal support?
  11. For some it is difficult to understand. Even though the serif doesn't create a native version for linux. They are fully capable of helping to make it work correctly in PlayOnLinux and Lutris! The big question, how difficult is that? The costs would be low if we remember that it wouldn't be a native version, let alone need to advertise about it! How difficult is it to give a little help to run the tool correctly? I think if they are not going to help with at least minimal support, it would be better if they close this topic soon and make it clear that they have no interest in it working on linux, in any way!
  12. I've been using affinity designer for 2 years (I have both Windows and macOS versions) and I still don't understand why they don't help people using affinity on linux. Either by lutris or by linux. Since they don't want to make a version of linux because it's no use running using these tools. I'm against having to create a virtual machine for this or having dual boot. Anyway, there's no shortage of people to use affinity in linux! It's sad to see here on this forum people making fun of anyone who wants to use linux!
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