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  1. To whom it may concern: I truly like Affinity photo, but I have a few issues about the program. First. The Aquire Photo does not work. It will not recognize my drives—internal or external. Also, it does not recognize any of my card readers. At this moment, that part of the program is useless. Second. The inpainting brush does not work when clicked on. If I click another brush in that set it will work, but not if I click it on first. Also, if I do any color correction then go back to the inpainting brush or any brush nothing works. It's very frustrating.
  2. When I use acquire image no devices show in window. I can not drag images into file either. What do I need to do in order for this to work?
  3. Just wondering how one saves photos from Affinity for a PC (Windows)? I tried to open my photo files on a windows based computer, and none of the photos would open. Is there a setting I need to click on or change for PC based computers?
  4. I've run into a couple of problems with the program, and I need some help in trying to solve it. When I import pictures sometimes they come in normal, but other times they expand so much that half the picture is gone. And I can not drag it down or make it smaller. It just fills the screen so nothing can be done with it. The other problem I'm having is with the erase tool. If I click it on it won't work. If I click something else on then go back to the erase tool it works. Is there any solution for these two problems. I have a big project ahead of me, and I need to have these two prob
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