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  1. Hi MEB, Posted a link in PM. Thanks in advance, Björn
  2. Hello, I have a drawing in PDF format (probably drawn in visio or something) and when i open this in designer it looks good, although there is an awful lot of layers. If i try file -> export (PDF export) of this file without doing anything with it i get a dialog box with the following text: "An error occurred while exporting to: <file path>" (<file path> is the actual place where i try to export to. Doesn't matter where i try to save to, it won't work. Exporting in a rasterized format seems to work. Any ideas? Also i can't put the file I'm working on here. Björn
  3. You can make it switch automatically based on app or set a hotkey for it (alt + cmd + space or cmd + space). As i said, just a work around until they make key bindings configurable. Björn
  4. As a work around, you could add an English keyboard layout to your mac. You can switch between layouts in the top right if you enable the status. Most keys should map correctly :) (Not tested as i am at work) Björn
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