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  1. whitefalcon111

    RAW noise reduction

    Look at the noise in my sample images posted under Olympus in this forum
  2. In this magnified view you can see green, magenta and blue dots scattered throughout the image that should not be there. Those are very difficult to edit out. I sent the RAW source file to support, hope this gets resolved. There are many OMD Olympus camera owners out there that I am sure are following this. I see 26 views so far. Thanks for your response. Robert
  3. Attaching the screen capture of the test. You can see what I mean, Affinity is on the left. I will send my file tested and reference this forum post in my email. Thanks for your response. Robert
  4. This is one of the first tests I did with this software. I purchased it this weekend. I did a test to see how Affinity compares to Adobe Raw for converting the Olympus Raw file. Left is the Affinity and right is Adobe RAW. I did a screen capture on the Mac with both images side by side. The red dots are throwing the color off making it tint magenta in the flesh tones and shadow areas. I think the Adobe is closer to the right color. I do see more detail on the Affinity conversion, however it would take me too much time to correct the red dots out of the converted image. I am disappointed with this result... To be able to use Affinity in my workflow it has to be better at handling the Olympus RAW conversions then it is now. Robert

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