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  1. My result with Gimp: And my final result with Affinity Designer 🤩 Any suggestions for improvement is welcome
  2. I think it looks already pretty good: Do know a good method to add a bit of light on the top and on the side: I have tried to add a second fill to that 2 shapes, but it changed the whole color and not only the edge Dynamo für Revit Vector remake v4.afdesign
  3. How can I use the black shape to make the same area of another shape transparent like @Old Bruce did in his example? Dynamo für Revit Vector remake v3.afdesign
  4. Hello again thank you for your input. I have tried to do the same (duplicating the lines, merging to a closed curve). But when I apply the Fill tool, it doesn't fill the inside. There are two red dots. What I am doing wrong?: Thank you, Thomas /Edit: I got it, I need to use the tool "join curves" after selecting the merged curves. 🙂 Dynamo für Revit Vector remake v2.afdesign
  5. Hi guys! Only a solution FROM AutoCAD DXF TO Affinity Designer!! I have tested some workflows (also the suggested workflows here in the forum thread with inscape, eps, etc all bad results), but finally I have found a useful solution: not sure if you have tested this, for me it was the best way from a Revit 3D Model to a 2D Vector in Affinity Designer: Place the 3D Revit View on a sheet export the sheet as dxf 2013 (check keep overlapping lines in the export options) open the dxf with AutoCAD and delete what you don't need select all lines you want to have in Affinity Designer and make CTRL+C open Affinity Designer and CTRL+V changed the stroke color of all lines to black I have merged all layers in AutoCAD to Layer 0, but I think that is not necessary. I have attached the result as SVG file. Pretty good, mh? 🙂 Best, Thomas GoldenNugget_vector.svg GoldenNugget_vector.afdesign GoldenNugget_vector.dxf
  6. Hi all, I am a new Affinity Design user. I try to recreate a logo with vectors for a website (no pixel - I want to export as SVG). I have managed to draw all strokes and it worked pretty well. Now I try to fill the single shapes with different linear gradient fills. Something like this is the goal for the blue gradient fills: At the moment I have this (I know the areas have no closed curves, but some areas sharing a single curve): How can I create single areas to apply the gradient fills? Thank you, Thomas share R.afdesign
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