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  1. I used the live motion blur filter, I didn't know that was there, or to use it. I was using the blur under filters. However, the live blur filter did work. Thank you for your help in resolving my problem. Thank you 🙂
  2. Still has the same problem. If you watch the other video, I have the sky cut out, and it still has the same issue. Looks like its still pulling through the selection. I tried it with the (CTRL+J), still with the same result. I think I'll give up now. With something that should be so simple to do, it seems a lot of hassle in trying to make a simple blur effect work. It shouldn't pull through the selection. Thank you for trying to help though, very much appreciated. 🙂
  3. I'm not very knowledgeable, still learning. I managed to do this in Photoshop quite easily. Unsure why it seems a bit of a struggle in Affinity. I'll attach the image file for you, to give it a go. I really don't know where I'm going wrong here. The image looks really dark in Affinity for some reason, just bump up the exposure to bring it back, only if you decide to give it a go :-). Thanks for your reply and support by the way.
  4. Affinity Photo 2021-05-27 22-18-22.mp4 I'm trying to blur the the with motion blur. It seems to be pulling pixels through my selection, which I do not want. I've tried various refine edge, but to no effect. Can someone with some experience, if possible, please help with a solution? I've attached two video screen shots for you to see what I mean. Affinity Photo 2021-05-27 22-34-23.mp4 Affinity Photo 2021-05-27 22-18-22.mp4 Affinity Photo 2021-05-27 22-18-22.mp4 Affinity Photo 2021-05-27 22-18-22.mp4 Affinity Photo 2021-05-27 22-34-23.mp4
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