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  1. taskforsome

    Photo crashes twice with large file

    Thanks, MEB: I've tried ti replicate the crash, but it hasn't happened again. Maybe the file size "freezes" my Mac and thus the crash. Anyway, I have 16 gb RAM and I want to know how to set the RAM parameters on Affinity Photo preferences. Must I adjust the maximum RAM to 16 gb or not? Best.
  2. hi, I've been working with a large file today and Affinity Photo has crashed twice: first applying a blending mode in a gradient layer, and then moving another gradient as well. The file is large, but not too much: about 30 layers/adjustment layers. Is it normal?
  3. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo with my Wacom Pen and Touch and the pen pressure is not working as expected. When pressure button is pressed the size of the brush varies, but the dynamics panel (that shows up within "More" settings) seems not working at all. I've probed to ajust to "Pressure" several options, but there's no visible results. Am I doing something wrong, or the pressure just works with brush size? Thanks for the help.