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  1. Hi John, The images were carefully hand focussed at three separate depth points, and look razor sharp in Mac Preview, Lightroom or Photoshop before any processing that I'm aware of. I doubt that any amount of "pre sharpening" could have made the change that I am seeing. I've attached a 3 file stack which worked well in Photoshop. As a side note, I've noticed the very same problem when trying to use Helicon to produce the stack: the ORF files already seem a lot softer upon their initial import and before any stacking operations have been completed. Wondering if there's s
  2. I'm hoping to move my workflow from Photoshop to Affinity, though one frequently needed feature isn't working for me: focus stacking. I watched the "official" tutorial video to be sure I'm using the feature correctly. I'm using a set of 3 raw files from my Olympus camera, all at differing focus points. The blend function in Photoshop produces a beautiful and sharp image throughout. The same raw files produce a soft mess in Affinity. I've had the same result with several different images. The odd thing is that even the individual imported layers look softer than their original counterpart
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