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  1. Yep, I've tried with basic brushes and with other brushes but nothing. Just now I made some experiments, and if I select "no color" and black, and I paint with "no color", it works correctly, this is the ss: But if I just switch the colors that I've selected, that means, if I paint with black, doesn't work, it's like painting in gray instead of full black: I think this shouldn't work like that, but at least, I found a solution. Hope you guys know what it's going on, here's my Publisher file using Studio Link:Flyers_A4_HPP - copia.afpub Thanks
  2. Thanks for the welcome Changing the blend mode doesn't work. It's in Darken in the ss because I've tried to change the blend mode but, I get the same result with every option (and I forgot to change the blend mode). Thanks for the support
  3. While using Studio Link, if I add a mask layer and then try to remove the content with black color, it keeps a dissolved shape of the object or text or whatever I applied to the mask. Do you have any idea why this is happening?
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