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  1. thanks Walt and Pedrober for check the issue on your system. Not all words are split wrongly, and if I try to modify the kerning of a paragraph, most of the time it is solved because it breaks the words elsewhere
  2. 572 / 5000 Resultados de traducción I have imported a file from InDesign to make some corrections and I have detected that the hyphenation is not done correctly in Spanish. In the attached screenshots you can see (marked in red) the word *gus-anillo that should be split into gu-sanillo or gusa-nillo, or the word *en-amorado that should be split into ena-morado, just like the last *desg-raciado that should be split into des-graciado. In the second image I have changed the hyphenation to German and some errors are solved, but I imagine that by chance since there is one that does not work. It's a pretty serious problem that I don't know if it also occurs in other languages, but now I have to go through a 150-page book one by one and manually split all the wrong words ...
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