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  1. Im trying to create a diagram that is like a large circle only with the circle being made up of 3 arrows pointing clockwise. I don't see a "Tool" image that does this so I was wondering if anyone has a technique to do this? They are going to be "fat" or wide arrows where I will have text following the same contour inside the image. I have another post on how to get the text to follow the same contour. Thanks for any assistance in learning how to do this. Thanks



  2. I'm getting a large block of space when I export a logo. It was originally created in illustrator. When I open it in Affinity Photo it looks fine (no added space above) When I set the Transparent background choice it looks fine. But when I export as a png or jpg I get this large space above the object. I'm using the latest version of APhoto 1.4.1 Here is what it looks like




    Thanks for any clues as to why this is happening.


    Ive attached the original file as well

    Martial Arts Basics Logo On Light.ai

  3. I need a logo to upload to a membership site. I have the file in many formats but can't seem to get the background removed. Ive selected both EPS and PNG files to test but have no luck. When I export they still have the white background. Even when I select Export > Lanczos 3 > Selection without the background Im still getting the white. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

  4. I want to bring a simple handout to life. This is for an opt in page Ive created on my website. Basically I have a smaller screen shot (png) file of my handout. What I want is to make it more appealing to the viewer.


    What I was thinking was to rotate say 30 degrees to the left, angle the perspective, tilt a bottom right corner, then add some shadow effects. Can someone outline how I would go about this?


    I will do this over and over again for many of my handouts. In the past Ive relied on other tools but they are extremely limited to what they can do. Any help is appreciated. Ive attached a sample handout so you can see what I mean. Thanks




  5. i do a lot of internet marketing. I want to have a picture of a handout on the page where someone gives me their name and email. I want the picture to be angled and possibly a lifted corner and shadow effects. Any tutorial on some ways to make a "product" or "handout" look nice with perspective would be great. I could create these all day long for not only myself but others who also struggle with getting the "look" just right. Thanks


    PS I attached a sample doc if you need an example of what Im talking about.


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