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  1. Got this answer in another forum. Unfortunately, AD seems to lack a “simplify” tool like that found in Illustrator – a single keypress will reduce the number of nodes and optimize curves. I use both tools and always go to Illustrator when I need to simplify a design. Is there any similar function in AD or will it be in the future? Or do I have to change programs to make it work? Love Affinity in all other ways so it would a bummer...
  2. Thank's for your reply @Callum This is the result when I open the PDF in Affinity. It would be great if there was a tool that could "weld" nodes on multiple objects. I know I can open them individually and make them one curve. But it's just to much work on hundreds of nodes.
  3. Hi! I'm trying to export my files from Sketchup to Affinity to be able to export them further as SVG to my Shaper Origin. (handheld CNC) I want a line that my CNC can follow, but no matter how I try, there will be hundreds of segments. Is there a way to combine several lines into one on many objects at once, or is there a better way to export the drawing from Sketchup? My current method is to export as a PDF from Sketchup.
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