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  1. Tried it with multiple PDFs with different attributes. Crashing.
  2. When I try to drag and drop a PDF into publisher, so that I can access it easily and gut out some stuff out of it, Publisher freezes and crashes. Win 11, fresh install. Very annoying. Given that there is not that much new in Publisher (and one is forced to buy it because even basic Publisher files are not backwards compatible), I would expect at least a smooth deployment.
  3. Hello, I bought a bundle of brushes (https://gumroad.com/chuvabak?sort=page_layout#euNx) for my board game prototype but I ran into a problem: the ABR brushes seem to be semi-transparent once imported to Affinity and thus instead of being able to stack the ship parts under or on each other, they blend, which does not work at all (see the screenshot). Is there some way to prevent that? (Blending options did not help at all). If not, is there some workaround? (I tried to apply selection to the object, then invert the selection, so that the new object would only appear "outside" of the previous one, but it does not work well, since there are always some white spots between the objects when used in this way.) Thank you for the answer!
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