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  1. Sorry. I had the link in the post originally. Not sure why it is no longer in it. I have seen how people are able to give them the comic book pencil sketch look. But, I want to be able to also do a cartoon look. Also, is there any word on when the 2.0 version will be out? Since they charge for every new version, I am not sure if I would be better to wait till the new one comes out. I did get the 90 day free trial. Which I think is something they should keep running all the time. So people like myself can see if we would like the software. Might be too complicated for me to use. But looks awesome. Thanks again. Razar.
  2. I have not purchased the Inffinity Programs yet. I am comparing to other programs first. What I am looking for is the ability to take a picture and give it a cartoon effect. I have searched the FAQ, as well as YouTube, and Google search. Every time I see someone suggest how to do it, and I look it up, it actually is just the comic book effect, not cartoon. I would like the pictures come out looking like they were drawn. This is what I am wanting to do. And, I would like to know if this is possible with Affinity, would it be better if I buy all three, or just need a couple. I want to start taking pictures I take, or friends send me, and give them a cartoon look. Not the comic book, pencil sketch look. Thanks for any help you can give, Razar.
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