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  1. 1.9.2 fixed my problem, thank you. Note that when I started this thread 6 days ago, I was using version for all 3 programs. That version was my startup problem. At that time, I believed it was the most current. But I'm not really sure. When I go to your previous versions page, https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/photo/1/, it does not list the dates these version were released. It would be helpful in isolating problems like mine if you included that information on the page. I installed version and all 3 programs are working. For me, 1.9.0 and 1.9
  2. I do not have any versions of the OpenCL and OpenGL Compatibility Pack installed as per your link. Any other ideas?
  3. I did a few things to isolate the problem. I un-installed all 3 programs, and re-installed previous editions. All 3 programs work at version 1.8.5 and none of them will start / load at version 1.9.0. That's the threshold that causes the problem. I'll see the splash screen for a few seconds, it disappears, and no log file is created. What was changed in release 1.9.0 that would cause this? I can't believe I'm the only user having this problem. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the prompt response. I do not have any of those 3rd party programs and my drivers are current. The log.txt file is never created, it doesn't get that far. I'm going to try previous Affinity installs to see if I can isolate it to a specific version. I have Affinity for about 18 months, but didn't upgrade the versions until recently.
  5. Since I installed the latest version of all 3 programs none of them will start. I get the splash screen for a few seconds then it disappears. I un-installed and re-installed all 3 programs and it's still a problem. I checked for similar issues in the Forum and saw a thread about color management. That's not the problem either. Of course my Windows 10 is up to date along with all drivers. Using the Acer Intel Laptop, i7, with integrated Intel HD Graphics 520. Please advise. Also, is there a link to the previous Affinity program install versions that I could use? I can't find a link.
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