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  1. Hi, (Sorry for a long pause but I didn't want to mess up with Windows when remote school was in place...) I installed windows7 "service pack 2" (file: windows6.1-kb3125574-v4-x64_2dafb1d203c8964239af3048b5dd4b1264cd93b9) but it doesn't change anything. I still get the same error as usually: setup failed. I am attaching log file. Are you really supporting Windows7 installation ? Did you try to install Affinity on Windows 7 computer by yourself anytime recently using version 1.9.x ? Maybe Windows7 is unsupported as for today and you are just unaware of it ? SetupUI.log
  2. Hello, thank you for the information. The problem with 1.9.2 version is the same. 1. I used trouble shooter to uninstall previous version of Affinity. 2. I chose default location for installing Affinity as it cannot find any Affinity Photo app installed in the system (also chose non-default location C:/Affinity; also tried to turn antivirus off during installation). 3. Setup failed. I am attaching setup log file. I can still unpack the distribution and run App.exe which works fine - I have kind of standalone distribution then. SetupUI.log
  3. Hi, all The update from me is I managed to run App.exe (from unpacked installer file affinity-photo-1.9.1.exe) without crashing. It means I have now standalone version of Affinity Photo 1.9.1 but I am unable to run setup in the form of: SetupUI.exe /x=544 /y=257 /Operation=Install /InstallPath="C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo" /WantShortcut=True which is invoked during normal update process. I was thinking about uninstalling previous version I have: 1.7.3 but I am bit afraid 1.9.1 will stop working for some reason (some registry settings?) and I will stay with nothing... Still,
  4. Hello, I have problem with upgrade I cannot solve. I am trying to upgrade from version 1.7.3 to 1.9.1. This is impossible on my laptop as I get setup failed. Logs say nothing to me (6 lines tail of the 😞 +Starting MsiOperation +MsiOperation result: 2 +Setting result page message: Setup failed +Switching to page: Result +Operation finished +Main window close requested I was able to catch minidump of the upgrade executable (I unpacked the distribution and manually ran App.exe file). I tried to upgrade .Net framework (install SDK) as well as install new gr
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