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  1. Interesting..I'm still learning with AD although I only use specific features on every maps I make. Now I put note on common AD features and what to watch out for such as opacity issues and now I'm adding shortcuts issues. Thanks!
  2. BOOM! it was 80% Opacity in that specific layer! (and the 4 track showed 14%!) Making note to check Layers from now on! Thank you SO much, Bruce!!!!! You saved me from pulling my hair further! LOL
  3. Thank you, Bruce. I tried to adjust all to no avail! Tint, Pallette and global colors and they refuses to change. Document shows RGB as I've always set that way.
  4. Hi, I design transit maps (either route map or track diagrams). When I place a double track and new double track panel, both doesn't match even I set it to total black in RGB pane. The "X" crossover is the correct black I wanted but the lines refused to make it blacker! I also have another track diagram, an 4 line tracks, this one REFUSES to make it black from light gray! (the black switch east of Oak Street is the correct color) What gives? Am I missing something or is it known bug(s)? Thanks!
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