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  1. Hi, thanks for your quick reply ! Actually, I used a trick to open it with version 1.8.5. As the project was created with version 1.9.1, it does not want to open, so I made an export in .svg and I imported it in the old version. But I now realize that if I import the .svg back into version 1.9.1 the problem is no longer there when I vectorize the outline from the .svg. On the other hand if I do not go through this transition, the problem is present. This problem is not present if I completely restart the project from 1.8.5. This story drives crazy ..😫 I use this process for models
  2. Hello, First, I want to warn that English is not my main language, so sorry if I don't express myself well. Since the arrival of version 1.9, I have a rather annoying bug with the vectorization of outlines (see photos attached). I didn't have this problem on version 1.8.5. I use this tool a lot so for the moment I have to work with the old version but I can no longer open my projects created with version 1.9.x. I have tried on several other PCs / Macs and the problem is the same. The bug only concerns versions since 1.9. Do you have a solution to this problem? Will it be fixing soon?
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