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  1. @ProDesignerthanks for the time, I checked that PC had the same export settings than iPad, I'm working on 1080 x 1350px the right one for instagram, because my client make a lot of social network marketing... Until now I'm duplicating dimensions to avoid the pixelated borders, but that isn't the better solution... And the point is that PC exports correctly at the same settings. 😭
  2. Thanks for reply, But, I can see that your png file has a 498% zoom, At that number it is normal the pixelated borders, but my PNG images shows pixelated borders at 100% zoom, when export the same file on designer for windows, the image is perfect smooth, I think that the problem is on iPad Export Settings, but don’t know what to do there
  3. When I export any vector+rastered illustration with same dimensions that project, the borders are pixelated, It not happens with the only vectors illustrations. Please help me, The iPad is my main device, and Affinity Designer my Main program, I’m in trouble. ! P.D: I’m using the last version of AffinityDesigner, and my iPad is the 2020 11” Ipad Pro
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