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  1. Thanks @Pšenda, I've found a cheat anyways - the icon is the exact width of 4 dashes so i can keep that in the text and just have the icon on a higher layer
  2. Great, thanks @Pšenda I can have a look at doing that. Can i define the wingding text in mm rather than points to get it exact? And is there a way to save that as a specifi character as I'll be using it a lot?
  3. Hi @GarryP The space is not visible as an icon is placed in it. currently the text would be centred but the width of the icon pushes out the full central effect, if that makes sense?
  4. hi there, I will preface this with saying I've just came to affinity photo from photoshop, I'm self-taught with PS so i can't even say I know much about that either! I'm a boardgame designer and I'm using affinity photo to create cards, which are a combination of text and icons. On PS when creating space at the end of a text line it would include the spaces as characters for centre alignment purposes, but I can't seem to give spaces any 'volume' in photo now that i've opened the PSD in affinity. I've tried using special characters and playing about with paragraph options but don't want to mess about with it too much, any ideas? The simpler the explanation the better, I'm a noob!
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