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  1. I could see previews of photo files, pdf, and others but not the .afdesign files, only AD icons appeared. I have not installed Affinity Photo. I have deleted most of my designin Apps, only left with some unrelated apps.
  2. I cant see previews in Files App and also in Affinity Designer. I have just deleted all vector related apps then rebooted the ipad but still couldnt see previews. Any other ideas??
  3. I was running ipad OS 14.2 when I updated Affinity Designer 1.9. That update changed all my .afdesign files preview to AD icon. I can't see previews anymore. Tried to solve the problem by deleting the App then updating the ipad to the latest 14.4, then re-installing the latest Affinity Designer app, but still, that does'nt solve it. I can't work without the files preview cos I named all my .afdesign files in running number (see attached). Can somebody help please? Thank you.
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