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  1. Hi Sean, The error appears when I have the embedded file open in a tab, and return to the main document. I uploaded the file: BblLevelsiPad_09_AD.afdesign. I realized recently the reason this file is so large is that when Designer opened the source .psd each Smart Object instance was converted to an individual embedded file. I've since deleted all the copies to make the file more workable. I haven't seen the issue today on the smaller, cleaned up document, so I suspect the issue is related to the large document size.
  2. Hi Sean, Thanks for the link. I uploaded the document and a video. The document takes about four minutes to open on my computer. The repro case: After showing the 3 layers that were hidden and saving (see video) it no longer loads after 4 minutes. 15 minutes is the longest I waited before giving up.
  3. When editing an embedded Affinity Designer file, seemingly at random I get this warning. Trying to save the main file after this results in Failed to save document: Save failed because the file could not be written to. This corrupts the file on disk making in unreadable. I have discovered that deleting the embedded file does allow me to save again. But then all work on the embedded file is lost. Export doesn't give the option to export as afdesigner file. This is on Designer 1.9.1. I didn't run into this issue on 1.9.0. I'm just working locally with the file. On MacOS 10.15.7. 2019 Macbook Pro.
  4. I have a large document (526 MB) that takes a few minutes to load. So I'm trying to break it up into smaller documents. I saved out a new one (504 MB) and this new doc won't load. After 15 minutes Designer is unresponsive. This is on Catalina 10.15.7 on a 2019 Macbook Pro. I tried to attach the file to this post, but the upload failed. If there's a secure place to upload the files I'd be happy to upload them. Update: I reproduced this crash with a smaller document, and then discovered that closing down and reopening Designer gets around it.
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