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  1. wow, sounds great, but I've already purchased a cintiq pro 13, and it costs 1000$ in china! (while a 16" one costs 1500") maybe next time I'll consider an alternative brand.
  2. Sorry I can't get what you said to work, here is a screenshot to clarify my point. This is a maximized window with only one document open, and page is still. I can't find full screen mode, and title bar and scroll bars are still present, If they can auto hide when not needed it would be perfect.
  3. Thanks I've already tried that, still doesn't get rid of document's title bar, menu bar and scroll bar, more space is always welcome. further more, if studios can collapse into icons it would be perfect.
  4. HSL wheel and HSL box are just too small, make them resize with the studio window please, It's not that hard. I'm willing to modify the source code to achieve this if serif let me
  5. I work on a cintiq pro 13, larger displays are just too expensive for me (a programmer who draws occasionally), as a result, vertical space is very precious to me. Please add options to hide menu bar, title bar, status bar & scroll bar.
  6. please add a option to hide symmetry guide, It's distractive when painting, thanks.
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