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  1. Hi Rodi: This is for personal use right now. She's an aspiring graphics artist (multimedia) in high school who wants to pursue a career in digital animation, etc. When you said you've never heard of the program, which one are you referring to? The other program that she wants to try is Clip Studio Paint which I presume parallels FireAlpaca and Medibang more closely. Like I said, I haven't given up on Affinity Photo/Designer, but I think she would prefer a more simplistic interface (whatever that means!).
  2. Once again, thanks to everyone who has offered their advice and opinion. I'm not giving up on the Affinity suite of products that I've already bought, but it's starting to sound like I need to look at other options for her. I don't think the Affinity products are the right solutions for her current needs. I can't force her to grow into the product as that is something that she needs to discover for herself at her own pace. I think I jumped the gun without understanding "her world." Like I tell people, just because Excel can act as a database, should you use it as one? I don't d
  3. Thanks for the quick responses! I have tried various approaches with her but she continues to believe that the workflow should be similar across all applications. I have been unsuccessful with my YouTube research for various tutorials. I was searching for various painting tutorials but should I be looking for Affinity Photo or Designer? Which of the two programs is best suited for painting/drawing?
  4. I'm here in the hopes that someone can give me advice. My daughter journey started out many years ago when she started using Fire Alpaca on her Android tablet. When she started to get more serious, I bought her a digitizer tablet and she continued using the same software on her PC. However, she started to experience a hiccup recently as the pen (8,192 pressure points) would start to "digitally blot" whenever she tried to started a paint stroke. She got very frustrated and wanted to try other software. Well, I may have jumped the gun with my research (due to my limited knowledge) and cam
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