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  1. Yes, I was hoping to find a sort of reset button. Both of those worked, thank you for your help!
  2. I see exactly what you're referring to, but that doesn't seem to solve it completely. It looks like the background color on the Artistic Text is actually already set to None in the Character panel, but that purple background is still there. The attached screenshot shows the result of me changing that background color from None to an actual selected color. Also, if I change it back to None from that red for example, it goes back to having that purple background.
  3. Only two months into using Affinity Designer here. Starting at some point through the progress of my project, any time I create and type new Artistic Text, a purple highlight appears behind it. I don't remember messing with any settings to make it appear. I've tried to look very carefully at the color options on the Artistic Text object but I can't find anything. What am I missing? This hasn't happened to me during other projects until after the 1.9 update, so there's the possibility of a bug or new feature/setting that I'm not aware of yet. I also attached what the problem looks like in Affinity Designer. The text color was intended to be white, and the color shows as white in the Color tab.
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