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  1. Thanks so much for this. I was thinking along the same lines as this is close. I will still have to go through and create a "template" to match all of the fields (so much for my Saturday LOL) but after that this document can be modified by the data source row creating the doc for a different client. Thanks for getting me over the hump on how to do it so I don't have to go back to adobe.
  2. EXACTLY my docs are policy manuals, SOPs, processes etc. so i have to cite statutes, regulations, regulatory agencies, countries, states/provinces, etc over and over and over.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Yes I could use the find/replace functionality but a lot of the manuals I produce have 100+ different fields that repeat multiple times in the doc. I currently use a web form while on client site to populate the data, export to .csv and then the data replaces all of the placeholders (at least in ID). It takes too long to f/r each one. Affinity Publisher blows ID away but for figuring this one bit of functionality out.
  4. I think I may be missing something really simple. I have a document where the same text is repeated on many pages. (it's a manual so the name of the client will appear 100 times, for example). I want to use the data merge so that the <company name> text throughout the document is populated with the data from the spreadsheet column/row without having to double click in the fields data merge for every instance. Is this possible? In otherwords, every time <company name> appears in the document the data in column 4 row 4 replaces it. Thanks.
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