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  1. I am having the same problem on a MacBook Pro laptop with trackpad and macOS 10.15.7, using either the current or beta versions of Affinity Photo (v1.9.0 or v1.9.1.219). As shown in the screenshot of the Live Procedural Texture window, every Custom Input is unusable because the interface for the input is not expanding to the width of the window. The slider bars are not visible at all, while the disks for indicating angles and lighting angles are truncated. It did not help to enlarge the window in both directions before adding any Custom Inputs.
  2. I am a brand new user of Affinity Photo. I was following the guide at Get Started for selecting a channel from the Channels Panel, but control-click was not bringing up the contextual menu for the channel. It seemed that I had no way to work with channels. I discovered, however, that I could get it to work if I control-clicked in the narrow border *around* the label for the channel. The attached screenshot shows the contextual menu that I got when the tip of the arrow was about half-a-character below the "u" in the word "Blue". Clicking on the "u" itself failed to bring up the menu, so us
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