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  1. Hi, I'm sure this is very simple, but I've been working on some logo concepts in Affinity Designer and have used a pixel brush behind the vector fonts to provide some texture to the design and bring out the text. I've created some copies of the original and have tried to change the colour of the pixel brush work but it doesn't seem to make any changes. I only want to be able to select a new colour without changing anything of the previous pixel brush work. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Scott
  2. Hi, I've searched the forum but I can't find a reference to something which is appearing on my AD drawing specifically where after inserted images into a design, each of the images have a purple box around them. Even a rectangle shape has what appears like a border but there's no stroke defined. I've exported the full design and the boxes don't appear, but it can be a bit of a nuisance when there are multiple boxes overlapping. When I zoom in and out they disappear and then reappear once I come out of zoom. Any ideas? Thanks, Scott