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  1. Still waiting to pension off InDesign and other CS programmes but it all turns on Data Merge. Data Merge central to our workflows. Given the number of requests for it here, can't believe the Affinty Publisher design team aren't responding. Listen up Affinity Publisher team! Richard
  2. I was planning to move over to Affinity Publisher from InDesign but I use Data-Merge all the time and, as far as I know, data-merge in Affinity Publisher is still a long way off. Just wondering if anyone has any news about the possible arrival of Data-merge? For the moment, I'm holding off making the move away from Adobe InDesign. Oddly, it is the lack of data-merge in Affinity Publisher which is making me stay with Creative Cloud (high monthly payment I am keen to bring to an end). Richard
  3. Data merge is an absolute must for me. I have been waiting for Affinity Publisher for a while now. I was planning that, once the full version of Affinity Publisher was available, I would bring my Adobe Creative Cloud membership to an end and move over to Affinity products completely. But.........I make great use of data merge in InDesign (even if it doesn't always work very well!!!) and so not having data merge is a bit of a show stopper for me. Adobe must know that InDesign's data merge is a fragile and I have been asking them for a long, long time to fix the problems they have with it but they turn the Adobe deaf ear in my direction. Adobe seem to have turned their searchlight in the general direction of mobile applications and, to me at least, they seem to be doing much with their desktop offerings (please feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong). And so, I have very high hopes that Affinity Publisher will be a direct replacement for Adobe InDesign. Please, Affinity, let us have data merge in Affinity Publisher and my cup will surely overflow. Richard
  4. I have just caught sight of the Serif Affinity products. I am currently an Creative Cloud subscriber and, frankly, I have never been keen on their monthly payment plan. And, Adobe updates amount to them rearranging the furniture. I can't help thinking their products have become a cash cow. I am ready to jump ship and leave Adobe behind and would truly appreciate advice from any Affinity users. Is it worth me leaving Adobe? Next question. I make great use of Adobe InDesign. Can I use the Affinity products as a DTP? Any thoughts Look forward to hearing from anyone who can offer advice. Best Wishes Richard
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