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  1. Hi everyone! Is there an innovation in Affinity Photo (MAC) that the object placed during the Place command automatically adjusts to the width of the image and aligns to the specified location? Just because it would come in handy during a batch file management when I want to place the same object in the same location on images of different sizes. Or is there another solution? Thanks for the reply!
  2. @walt.farrell Sorry, missed! I use a Affinity Photo on Mac! "Batch job" means, for example, that I want to place the same watermark at the bottom on 35 different sized images! I want all this so that I don’t have to manage the greatness one by one! For example: 1 pic : 3978 x 3579 px 2 pic 5472 x 3648 px 3 pic 2765 x 2192 px What I Want to place each picture is : 5472 x 236 px I hope this makes what I wrote understandable! THX!
  3. Greetings! How can I get an object placed with the "Place" command to be automatically scaled to the "base" image? Because that's what I want to use in "Batch Job" to be able to place on multiple images of different sizes! Thanks for the help! Viktor (HUN)
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