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  1. OMG, THANKS!! Even if the eraser should work like that this saved my day. Is there any way to use that on Windows as well? (Alt + click maybe?)
  2. Dang, that's one more issue against photoshop... I guess I'll need to stick to modify more pixels than needed bc there's no "no background paint brush" for transparent bg
  3. One more bug: Why the erase tool does not erase a pixel completely even if opacity is at max?
  4. Hi! I own Affinity Photo on Windows 10 and MacOS Big Sur 11.2 (Apple Silicon Macbook Pro). The thing is some tools don't work in the same way on both systems and not only that, the translations between both versions are not the same (in case the tools are the same)-> see attached images. My main complain is on MacOS. On MacOS, when making a selection and then Command+ C > Command + V (simple copy-paste) it copies the entire layer and not only the selection. To copy the selection I need to use Command + shift + C. On Windows it works as expected, cntr+C > Cntr+V copies the selecti
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