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  1. I know, and I thought I could transfer the logo as I use in Illustrator. Only the jagged edges were not transferred in Affinity somehow..
  2. @GarryP Thank you so mush for showing me the video to create! It is really helpful. I will try to make the shape as you show me above. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your reply. I was hoping if there is a certain way that I can convert the logo with the same shape. This seems like I should just recreate the logo as you mentioned.
  4. Hi, GarryP I am sorry but those posts are asking the same thing . I am not used to asking questions on this forum and I don't know how to delete my previous post.
  5. Hello, I am having a trouble of converting the logo from Illustrator to Affinity. I would like to make the logo with jagged edges. But somehow the jagged edges disappeared in Affinity. Please tell me how I can convert this logo properly. Thank you
  6. Hi, we are having trouble of converting the logo from Illustrator to Affinity. We created the logo with Illustrator and recently we started using Affinity. But I turned out that the design that we made has changed somehow, because the shape is supposed to be jagged. Please give us the way that we can transform it properly. I have attached the logos of Affinity version and Illustrator version below. Thank you.
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