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  1. @thatGuy Thanks for your suggestion, but for now I think I will use an older version of designer until the issue is fixed, however long that might be. Thanks to everyone who has looked into this and replied with suggestions and ideas, I appreciate it very much.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I did this for quite a long time over a period of a couple of years on several dozen different documents, frequently changing snapping and other options along the way and it always did it. I would use it to align the text within the box to maintain consistent presentation. I am going to try and install an older version of Designer and see if that makes any difference to the problem I'm having. Edit: I have downgraded to version 1.8.5 and straight away it snaps to the corner as shown in the image.
  3. When I last used affinity designer I could move a text box until it lined up with the edges of radius corners shown in the image below and the text box would snap to them, this is no longer the case. My snapping options have not changed but I have tried various combinations to get it working again without luck. I frequently use this to lay out text and have numerous documents where this will no longer work. I've not used Designer for a couple of months So I cannot say for certain if the 1.9 update is responsible or not, unfortunatly I updated to 1.9 before noticing this issue. It was however working fine when I last used it and I have not changed any other settings in the meantime, quite literally stopped using it and picked it back up again. I'm experiencing the same issue on both my laptop and desktop windows computers.
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