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  1. I did try that but it was not working. Now I was able to make it work by holding the alt key on my keyboard and doing subtract. But thank you for the assistance! Best regards.
  2. Hello everyone I have a question regards punching an object through with a rectangle, circle, etc. So I am working on a design and my design has a circle on the outside so I was going to erase both sides of the circle with 2 rectangles just for the lettering of my design can be on the middle. But when I add my two rectangles together and select my circle to punch it through by subtracting something weir happens that my circle gets deform so I have been playing around with it but I am not able to get it right. Any suggestion or fix to this issue will be appreciated. Now I am not an expert on this program I just purchased it yesterday. I will leave 2 pictures of the objects I have for further reference on the issue.
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