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  1. When I try to share files via airdrop through Affinity, the program crashes. Anyone have any idea the reason for this? Just a glitch that needs to be fixed? Is there a current solution? Thanks! - Mary
  2. Figured it out! Lots of trial and error, but if anyone comes up on this problem, I clicked on "More" in the export area and de-selected "Embedded ICC Profile" and "Embedded Metadata". That fixed the issue. Im not the most tech savvy person on the planet but thanks for reading if you did. And if you have anything to add to the issue, feel free to respond.
  3. In the new affinity, I just exported a file is a JPEG, but when I try to drag it into a photo ordering program, it says that it is not a JPEG. It opens in preview as a JPEG but is not being recognized as a JPEG. When i click on info it says it’s a Jpg. I’ve tried exporting it from preview to another jpg to no avail. It literally is on my desktop with the extension .jpg, but will not be recognized as such. Any advice?
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